5 Advantages of Remote IT Support

An in-depth survey of nearly 6,000 consumers, carried out by LivePerson, across the UK, US, Australia, Germany, France and Italy, found that 82% of customers say the main factor in great service experience is getting a quick solution to their issue. Based on this information, it is so important to have a knowledgeable and reliable IT team to support the functions of your business.

Remote IT support allows a support technician to remotely log on to the device you are having issues with by using networking and internet so they can investigate, diagnose, and fix the issue – be it a software or hardware issue. This means that any IT problems you may have can be resolved quickly and effectively without having to wait for the IT crowd to show up to the office.

With advancements in the internet and technology, location and time no longer matter with the introduction of remote IT support. This method of support has proved itself to be convenient, efficient, and effective in many ways – here are just a few…

Gone are the days of running into an issue with your computer, phoning the IT support team, waiting until they were available to pop into the office, spend even more time while they went away and fixed the problem… The thought is almost unbearable now. With remote IT support, chances are your IT team have probably caught the issue before you have even called. If not, they are on the phone and screen to start resolving your problem straight away. Faster response, faster investigation, faster resolution.

Having a dedicated on-site team at each location or having to call out an IT professional each time you run into an IT issue could rack up quite a bill and won’t be cheap. With remote IT support, you save not just time, but also money. By keeping up a high quality of service that you would get with on-site support but costing your business much less.

Always ready to go, present 24/7, and wherever you are based… Your remote support team is always available to respond to any issues you have and start working on them as soon as they are raised. You never have to worry when something goes wrong as support is just a call or email away.

Business Growth
With a remote IT support team, as your business grows, the support team will grow with you. If you are adding new office locations, remote support means you won’t need to have a dedicated IT team in each office. Your current team will be able to connect with these new offices so scaling up is seamless and sustainable no matter where you go.

Knowledge Sharing
The world is evolving and having a tech-savvy workforce is always an advantage. With remote support, users can see their issues being fixed right in front of them. Being able to view the process of how to fix issues is a good way to learn for the next time an issue occurs. This probably won’t help when a server packs in, but seeing the minor issues being corrected on screen can help users gain the knowledge to fix this issue if it occurs again.

We now live in a world where everything is about speed and saving time. Mobile phones have allowed us to have an instant connection, the likes of Netflix and YouTube have allowed us instant entertainment, and Google has given us instant information. Now, the same is happening for your IT Support.

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