Introducing: Josh Black – Trainee IT Support Technician!

David Garvie and Josh Black shake hands outside sfG Software offices

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Josh Black as a trainee IT support technician to our team.

Josh, who was born and raised in Inverness, comes from an IT background, and we are delighted to have him on board, confident that he is eager to learn and possesses the skills required to provide our customers with the high level of IT support that we strive for.

Continue reading for a Q&A with Josh:

The team at sfG Software are excited to have you – where did you first find an interest in computing and IT?

I went to Merkinch primary school and I then went to Inverness High School for 6 years and that was where I got into computing, and I managed to get my higher there in my sixth year. I also played sports while at school, playing things from Football, Basketball, Shinty and American Football. 

When you left school, how did your career into IT progress?

Before sfG Software, the first proper job I had was a Network Apprentice at The Apprentice Store where I learned much about working in the IT sector as we had a lot of clients that relied on us to provide a standard of service that was satisfactory for them as well as us.

I was there for about a year which is when we did an apprentice swap with Gael Force Group for around a month. After that month they then offered an IT Admin position as well as the chance to carry onto the second year of my modern apprenticeship. I worked there for near 2 years until COVID caused me to be made redundant. 

From there, I bounced between working at Lifescan for a while and then got a job at Cairngorm Group as a Production Assistant in which I would use software to make the windows and doors that would then be put out to the factory to be made.

The IT team at sfG Software are delighted to have you, but how do you feel about starting out in your new role as trainee IT support technician?

When joining sfG Software, I was at first nervous, as I had not worked in IT for around a year and had not worked with clients for nearly 3 years – but after the first few weeks I began to remember and pick up new skills that helped me when working with the many clients we have here. 

Thanks to my previous job at the Apprentice Store, answering the phone to clients was not something new to me so I picked it up again quite quickly. 

The opportunity to join sfG is, I feel, a perfect one for me and they are a very highly rated company with years of experience in different fields between all the employees. Due to this, there is always someone to help me learn and improve my skills so that I can become even more proficient in the IT sector.

What are you most excited about, when it comes to your new role with the IT support team?

I am looking forward to learning how each and all our clients work and how they are all set up differently and need different skills to help support them. I am excited to be working with different clients as they will all have different issue that will require me to increase my knowledge in areas that I necessarily would not focus that much on. 

We are sure the team at sfG Software will be able to provide a continuous learning environment! Aside from work – what do you like to do, to relax and unwind after a busy day of providing IT support?

Some of the hobbies that I have outside of work are football with my friends and playing videogames. My interests are reading, watching TV/Movies and Music.

If you’re a customer of sfG Software, it’s likely you will be introduced or have the opportunity to speak with Josh over the coming weeks. We very much look forward to providing him with the support and encouragement to grow his knowledge within the sector, while also no doubt learning a bit from his experience, too!

If you are looking for reliable IT support, you can reach out to the team to find out more about our services.


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