IT Support in Inverness, Highlands

To ensure that you have the best supported IT network, we provide comprehensive out-of-hours IT support combined with proactive monitoring.

This means that we monitor your systems constantly and have a support engineer on call during the evenings and weekends, to suit the needs of your business.

  • Do you have a reliable backup of all your business critical data?
  • How would you cope with disaster recovery?
  • When does your server hardware warranty expire?
  • Do you have a virus checker?
  • Is your network secure from hackers?
  • Do you have IT procedures for your staff to safeguard your data?

If you’re not sure on any of the above, sfG can perform a confidential, FREE, no strings attached IT Audit for any local business, whether you have an existing IT Support provider or not.
Call us for a friendly chat to see how we could help you.

One person’s “business critical” is another person’s “to be fixed soon”. That’s why we ask you to tell us how urgently you need support – after all you are in the best position to judge whether the printer failure on a Friday afternoon is critical to your business or not.

What makes us different?

Our flexible SLAs (Service Level Agreements) are an innovation to the industry: we actually give you money back if the support hours used are less than the number we originally estimated. You’ll also get a comprehensive monthly report, so that you know exactly how much support you’re using and you can ensure that we are meeting our targets.

  • Pro-Active: We remotely monitor your server 24/7 for problems – we often know you have an issue before you do.
  • Monthly Backup Checks: Every month, we will remotely connect to your server to make sure your backup is working.
  • Helpdesk: sfG have a specialised helpdesk. When you log a call, you will receive a notification and a ticket number to track your issue.
  • Windows Security Updates: Every month, we check to make sure that your server has all the latest Security updates – making sure you are protected.
  • Monthly Report: Every month we send you a report with recommendations, highlights, hours used etc.
  • Out of Hours Cover: sfG offer an additional service for those businesses who need weekend and evening cover.
  • No Hidden Costs: For any extra charges over and above what is included in your contract, you’ll receive a quote to approve first, ensuring you don’t get any unexpected expenses.
  • No Risk Contract: We don’t charge you if you go over your allocated hours in your contract. If you are under your allocated hours, you’ll get money back on your contract renewal.
  • Your ‘Virtual IT Manager’: We don’t just fix things when they break; we are here when you want to ask questions, want some training and to offer advice for new technology and best practices. We also have partners that install cabling, telecoms and SAGE support.
  • IT Operations Manual: This report is available to you at any time, so that your business always has up to date information and full control of your infrastructure.
  • Guaranteed Service Level Agreement: Money back if we don’t meet our response times.

Things we can help you with:

  • IT Support Help Desk
  • Proactive Remote Monitoring
  • Server and Desktop Support
  • Network Systems Design, Management and Support
  • Backup
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services
  • Hardware and Software Advice and Procurement


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