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What is MentorNet?

MentorNet provides you with a user-friendly and affordable mentoring system that makes your mentoring programmes more effective by improving communication and networking, reducing administration time, and allowing you to monitor your mentoring relationships.

MentorNet’s outstanding features enable and enhance both face to face mentoring and eMentoring, and provide a secure environment for building effective mentoring relationships.

The advanced social networking capabilities of MentorNet include private messaging, discussion forums, activity logs, and the ability to share resources between mentors, mentees and administrators.

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Enable your mentors to take ownership of the mentoring process

Mentoring organisations face many challenges. Key issues – such as monitoring contact between mentors and mentees, maintaining effective communication between mentors and meeting regulatory compliance – are major causes of concern. Many mentoring organisations are charities that cannot afford expensive software packages, and so the end result is that important tasks such as tracking contact between mentors and mentees are often done in an ad hoc fashion on paper.

In order to solve these issues, sfG Software collaborated with Day1, a leading UK mentoring organisation, to develop MentorNet. This has ensured that the product is designed specifically to meet the needs of mentoring organisations. MentorNet has been designed to fit with business, education and third sector organisations and is a product of 5 years of research.

Whatever your reason for looking into mentoring software, MentorNet can help – MentorNet is web-based (no software downloads required), intuitive and easy to use.

Experience the benefits of MentorNet and arrange an online demo and 30 day free trial.