Specialist Value Added Resellers for DrayTek.

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We are delighted to announce that sfG Software are now one of only three Specialist Value Added Resellers for DrayTek (UK), as well as DrayTek Certified Network Administrators.

What is DrayTek?

DrayTek provide a range of networking products designed to help organisations with small to medium sized offices connect to the Internet securely, reliably and with control.

DrayTek customers range from small businesses, schools, hospitals, other public sector organisations and large Enterprise organisations with many thousands of offices/outlets.

DrayTek products have always performed well for our customers at sfG Software and provide a cost-effective network solution, while still providing the advanced features that would normally cost more.

DrayTek Certified Network Administrator Training

DrayTek certification courses are designed to provide the likes of the sfG Software team with comprehensive training and knowledge, covering all the major technologies, including those features that are not often used to their full capability. This therefore ensures that you can harness the full power and effectiveness of DrayTek products.

What products do DrayTek make?

DrayTek’s products include routers, wireless access points and network switches. Examples of where you might use these products are:

  • Creating a wireless network in a home/office/business (these can be scaled up to cover large areas). This allows central management of your access points.
  • Creating a site to site, or teleworker to site VPN (virtual private network) allowing multiple sites to be connected and flexible working.
  • Filtering network traffic by using the Globalview Web Filtering service within the router to provide safe and secure internet access.

What does this mean for our customers?

This means that our excellent team of friendly and knowledgeable engineers are trained to resolve your networking issues, whilst also having the ability to implement the best products and equipment to ensure your network is running to the best of its ability.

If you are looking to discuss IT support, you can contact us to arrange day or time that suits you best.


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