sfG Software – Team Night Out 2022

A team night out has been long overdue for this group… There have been plenty of reasons for getting the team together outside of the work setting – people moving on, new additions to the team, belated Christmas nights out and just a good ole fashioned knees up for the sake of it!
Thankfully we managed to round up everyone last month to try and make up for all these reasons, and we headed out for some competitive fun!

We started the night by meeting at Rollerbowl for some ten-pin bowling. This is probably the most popular activity that the team participates in and always ensures everyone’s competitive juices start flowing.

David our MD was eager to bowl over the competition as always, Andrew McGibbon was sure there was a conspiracy against him as he was consistently left with a single pin, but the dark horse for the night was Shane ‘The Sniper’ Gillwald. Well done, Shane!

The team then moved on to the Rajah for a well-deserved Indian feast. The Rajah were fantastic hosts, and the restaurant had a great atmosphere that made sure everyone was happy, chatty and well-fed. The food was excellent! We were able to taste test almost every dish on the menu thanks to Robert ordering enough food to feed Scotland… and it was all delicious.

Tired from the bowling and bellies filled with food, it was time to move on. The majority of the team called it a night a headed home, but a few of us snuck next door into the Black Isle Bar for a few nightcaps.

Overall, it was a fantastic night! Good food, good competition and good company. The culture aspect is really important to the team here at sfG and it is always great to have these team bonding events to ensure everyone can mix and get to know more about each other outside of the workplace. Here’s to many more!

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