sfG Summer Social Blog

Team sfG at Inverness Kart Raceway

Did you know, teams with connected employees see productivity increase 20-25% (ExpertMarket, 2021). That’s why we have such a strong focus on ensuring our team social events bring our employees together, outside of the work environment, to connect and build stronger relationships.

The first pit stop in this social saw us drop into Inverness Kart Raceway. When we arrived, there was already a feeling of competitive tension. Boiler suits on, safety video watched, gloves and helmets on… the team we ready to get behind the wheel.

Renowned leader, educator, author, and adviser to several presidents of the United States, Booker T. Washington once said, “If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” Once the engines were started, some of the team decided to take this quote literally!

There were a few wild crashes, some smooth chicanes and surprise performers. But, once the dust had settled (literally, from all the crashes) there was only one man, who came out of nowhere, and stood victorious, Fraser ‘Fast & Furious’ MacBeath. Well done, Fraser!

For a post-race dinner, the team headed to Prime to refuel. The food, service and drink were fantastic.

We made our way through our starters, mains and deserts, leaving little room for anything else, but this gave us all a great opportunity to chat and discuss what was going on outside of work. We have had a lot of new additions to the team at sfG, so opportunities like this mean we can get to know each other a little better.

A massive thank you to IKR for hosting our unruly gang of drivers and to the team at Prime for delivering an outstanding dinner!

We are already looking forward to seeing what competitive activity the Christmas night out brings!


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