What is Software-as-a-Service?

Software-as-a-Service from sfG Software

Software-as-a-Service means you pay for your software as an ongoing service, rather than as a one-off product.

For you as a consumer, the benefit of this is manageable monthly payments, with software updates included in the monthly cost. You can also have a free demo or trial of the product before committing to a full subscription.

The software can be set-up very quickly, enabling you to get started using it almost straight away.

The benefits of using Software-as-a-Service

  • Quick set-up
  • Affordable monthly costs with fixed prices guaranteed
  • Maintenance and bug fixing included
  • New features and updates included
  • Backups/Disaster recovery and resilience included
  • Security

Our Products

We currently provide two main software products as Software-as-a-Service: sfG MentorNet and sfG Scope. Click here to visit our products page and read more about what these systems can do for you.

Alternatively, click here and get in touch with us for a friendly chat.


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