Legal & Criminal Protection

An Extra Layer of Security

Whether it’s to make sure you’re meeting industry compliance regulations or simply for your own peace of mind, encrypting your business’s data gives you that extra layer of security. By keeping your data safe from malicious attacks and accidental loss, you’re protecting your business from criminal threats as well as legal action. 

Your Devices

Safeguarding Your Business

Laptops & Desktops

Without the right protection, your computer can pose the largest security risk to your business. But through our thorough encryption service, you can negate this risk and protect everything on all of your business’s computers.


By encrypting your email attachments, you can safely send sensitive information without risking unauthorised personnel gaining access to it. If you feel your business needs an even higher level of protection, we can also encrypt your whole email.

USB Sticks

Easily lost or misplaced, USB sticks can quickly end up in the wrong hands if they’re not properly accounted for. That’s why it’s always worth encrypting USB sticks, especially if they contain sensitive or private data. 

Not Just for MI5

We know encrypting can sound like a complicated service that’s only for careless politicians and MI5 agents. We make the service easy to understand and show you why encryption is something every business should consider.

Our Partners