Reliable IT Support Services from Inverness in the Highlands

Meeting Your IT Support Demands

A business’s IT needs are often deep and varied. From protecting yourself from criminal dangers and computer viruses to making sure your team is well trained and that you’re fully covered and compliant, we’ll ensure that every aspect of your business is prepared to meet its IT demands.

What’s more, we’re local, which offers a whole host of additional advantages. Beyond just delivering our technical expertise, we can provide a highly personalised service that’s tailored to your business’s specific needs. Plus, you can expect to enjoy faster response times, on-site assistance when necessary, and a more intimate understanding of your business and the IT challenges it faces.

When you choose sfG, you’re not just choosing reliable technical support. You’re also choosing a team of IT experts who are committed to building a trusted relationship and seeing you succeed.

How We Go the Extra Mile

Out of Hours Support

We offer an additional service for those businesses who need weekend and evening cover.

Proactive Monitoring

We monitor your servers 24/7 so that we can identify issues often before you do.

Problem Tracking

We have a specialised helpdesk, which means that you log a call, you’ll receive a notification and a ticket number to track your issue.

Your ‘Virtual IT Manager’

We don’t just fix things when they break; we are here when you want to ask questions, want some training and to offer advice for new technology and best practices. We also have partners that install cabling, telecoms and SAGE support.

IT Operations Manual

This report is available to you at any time, so that your business always has up to date information and full control of your infrastructure.

No Risk Contract

We don’t charge you if you go over your allocated hours in your contract. If you are under your allocated hours, you’ll get money back on your contract renewal.

Flexible SLAs

Our flexible service level agreements are designed to adapt to your business needs, ensuring tailored support and optimal service delivery.

Honest & Transparent IT Support

At sfG, we value our customers, which is why we always operate honestly and transparently. We want the best for you, and we’ll always give our unbiased opinion on the best way for you to get this.

It’s also why we never try and tie you up with a contract you’re not happy with, and make sure you can benefit from:

  • No hidden costs
  • No risk contracts
  • Out of hours support
  • Money back guaranteed SLAs if we don’t respond in time

Cloud Computing

Securely store your data on the cloud and give your business the freedom to access your data from wherever you are. We’ll help you get started, find the most cost-effective solution for you, and support you as you utilise cloud computing.


Microsoft 365

Whether you’re already using Microsoft 365 and want to find out how you can use it to its full potential or you’re considering getting started with it, we’re here to help. We’ll advise you on how your business can best use Microsoft 365, and help you find the best price plan for you.



Give your business that extra level of security by encrypting your devices. From memory sticks and email to laptops and desktops, we can help you ensure that you’re protecting your business’s private information from accidental loss or theft.


Cyber Security

Your business is likely to face a number of cyber threats, and we’re here to make sure that your business is being given a high level of protection. By teaching your team best practices, advising on the best software to have, and identifying any potential threats, we help you keep your business safe.