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At sfG Wi-Fi, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive Wi-Fi solutions that meet the unique needs of businesses and organisations across the Highlands and Islands. From conducting free full Wi-Fi audits to implementing new installations and providing ongoing maintenance and support, our team of experts are committed to ensuring the reliability, performance, and security of your wireless network. Explore our range of Wi-Fi services below.

What We Offer

Free Full Wi-Fi Audit

Unlock the true potential of your wireless network with our free comprehensive audit. Our experienced team goes beyond surface-level inspections to uncover hidden inefficiencies and vulnerabilities, conducting a thorough examination and assessment process. From network architecture analysis to performance testing and security audits, our audit includes everything you need to optimise your Wi-Fi infrastructure.

New Install and Setup of Wi-Fi

Embark on a journey to a seamless and robust wireless network with our new installation and setup services. Our meticulous process covers everything from site surveys and network design to hardware installation, configuration, and testing. With a focus on scalability, security, and performance, we ensure your Wi-Fi infrastructure is tailored to meet the evolving needs of your organisation.

Wi-Fi Maintenance and Support

Ensure the longevity and efficiency of your wireless network with our comprehensive maintenance and support services. From regular monitoring and firmware updates to troubleshooting, security audits, and user support, we provide proactive measures and responsive assistance to keep your network running smoothly day in and day out.

What to Consider When it Comes to Wi-Fi

  • Does your business provide a separate WIFI access for your guests and visitors?
  • Can the guest WIFI access your business data?
  • Is there segregation in the guest WIFI to prevent guests from accessing other guest devices?
  • Do you process payments via the internet, such as through tills or credit card machines? Segregation is required for PCI Compliance and GDPR—do you have this in place?
  • Is web filtering enabled on your internet access to prevent access to illegal or immoral sites?
  • Would you like guests to sign in before accessing your internet connection to enforce agreements or display additional advertising?
  • Are you interested in collecting guest access information for marketing purposes?
  • Are you experiencing frustration with poor WIFI connections?
  • Do you want to move around your business and always stay connected to the strongest WIFI signal?
  • Are you seeking a solution to your ongoing WIFI problems?