The sfG Software Christmas Social

Photo of the sfG Software team

Now we are back in the swing of things, it is time to talk about our team Christmas night out… sounds ominous, right?!

Well, change that thought that is in your head, this was no remake of ‘The Hangover.’ As always, the sfG social was well-behaved… but full of good food and savage competitiveness.

As mentioned in previous ramblings about our team get-togethers, we tend to make plans for a team activity, before then heading for a nice meal…we like to mix things up each time we have a social, and aim to find something new to try. Thankfully, our chosen activity for this winter social did not fail to deliver on something new and exciting!

Target Technique – Our Christmas Social Activity

Our in-house social convenor, Ben, was tasked to find what the team could get up to as our winter activity. Over the years we have made our way around all the usual activities in Inverness, so Ben headed to Google for inspiration… and that is where he found Target Technique.

Target Technique is located at the bunker in Raigmore Estate. The sfG Software team were really excited to get this activity booked into our calendars, and the team at Target technique did not disappoint in delivering an amazing experience.

Once we got to the range, the sfG team broke into two groups. The first group were taken on a tour of the bunker, in which Target Technique is situated. The bunker was constructed around 1940 for use by the Royal Air Force – and features a museum, on a separate floor. With lots of interesting and authentic wartime memorabilia, the team certainly came out feeling like they had learnt a whole lot.

Just in time for finishing up with our history lesson – we were notified that the other group of co-workers had finished their time at the shooting range, and it was time to switch over.

With the air rifles prepped and loaded, the guys took their stations. The shooting activity consisted of a warm-up round, where the team got to use some fantastic, high-tech equipment to help them hone their aiming skills and overall technique. This then lead to a target round and we then moved on to other shooting challenges like shooting through the hole of a polo… YES, you read that right. Hats off to a few of the team to managed to do this successfully!!

Once everyone was comfortable after the practice round, they moved on to the round that would get the competitive juices flowing amongst the team. 12 shots. Highest overall score wins. There was a lack of overall shooting experience in the group, but most showed off some excellent shooting ability!

In the end, however, it was the 12 shots which counted.

Shane ‘The Sniper’ Gillwald set a very high standard on his round and the coaches we mightily impressed! However, it was Ben ‘Bullseye’ Hosie who came out victorious! With some tremendous shooting, Ben took the top spot and was graciously given a medal, mug and voucher as his prize.

Overall, it was an excellent experience at the Target Technique range, and we would definitely recommend the activity to anyone.

Time For Some Fuel

It was then time for some food. I did say we like to mix it up and go for something new… but this time, we thought we’d go with tried and tested. It was back to the Rajah for a proper curry!

As always, the team at the Rajah were excellent and the food was even better. They always deliver on flavour and value for money, and just like every single time we have gone there, the sfG team enjoyed every minute.

With the night rounding up, the team were in good spirits with with another awesome social under our belt and another opportunity for the team to bond outside of the office.

We are lucky to have such a great group to work with and these little socials help us build excellent relationships internally with each other, so we can then deliver excellent support to our customers externally.

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